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Friday, May 13, 2011

Crochet as Meditation?

OK.  Now I know which other post is missing.  It went something like this:

Have you ever been crocheting, and found that the only things of which you are aware are the yarn, the hook, and the motion of your hands?  I have, many times.  Even if you do not deliberately practice meditation, you may have found yourself in this meditative state while you crochet.

I would like to recommend "Contemplative Crochet".  The author has written the book so that it doesn't matter to which religious practice you adhere, you can read the book and apply the principles to yourself.  Cindy includes projects you can make to remind yourself of the concept in each chapter, or to give as a gift.

Since I sometimes find myself in this meditative state, it is nice to know this happens to others, as well.

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