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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Twin Birch Products crochet hook review

About half-way through a project, my only size I crochet hook mysteriously disappeared.  I think my cat may have decided it would make a good toy, but he refuses to confess.  So, utterly amazed that I don't have another size I hook in the place, I headed out to my local yarn store.

In my area, neither Jo-Ann's nor Michael's carries Takumi Bamboo crochet hooks, so I decided to check out the one and only yarn shop in the area.  No Takumi  Bamboo crochet hooks, but I did find a Twin Birch Products size I hook that looked interesting.

Size I Twin Birch Products crochet hook

The shift from hook to handle creates a natural stop so stitches can't go off the back end of the hook.

The hook is the normal diameter for a size I hook, of course.  The handle, however, is significantly larger in diameter.  This could be an advantage if you have arthritis, or some other difficulty holding a crochet hook.  The hook part of the shaft is a bit short, so the stitches can't slide around.  The wood is very smooth, and the hook is amazingly light weight.

What I don't like is how the acrylic yarn feels to me like it is sticking to the wood.  The yarn rubbing against the wood keeps squeaking, even though I'm not putting excessive tension on the yarn.  I have not experienced these problems with the Takumi Bamboo crochet hooks.  I will definitely be getting another Takumi Bamboo hook to replace the one I lost.  I just don't like the birchwood hook nearly as much.

If you've had any experience with Twin Birch products, please share.  I'd like to know if I'm the only one having issues.

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